Lifer 56mm/101A (Special Edition Dyed)


**These wheels have been custom dyed by Jay Kennedy using disperse dyes that are UV reactive.  Each set of wheels is unique and one of a kind.**

Dads Skateboards 'Lifer' by Speedlab Wheels.  We are pretty damn stoked to do this colab wheel with our fellow Baltimore skater-owned company Dads Skateboards. Skater owned & operated companies with American made products are companies we love to support & collaborate with, especially since we are one of them.  The 'Lifer' wheel has a rounded conical cut on each side and is made from the best formulas in the world.  This wheel is for everyone out there hooked on skateboarding and 'down for life'.  To paraphrase a quote by Dads Skateboards owner Geb Bornman, "Pick up a set today for grinds, lines & life." Artwork by Marc Emond

Contact patch - 23mm

Color: White wheels with custom dyes

(Set of 4)

Made in the U.S.A.

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