Speedlab Wheels custom Skidmark Skatemag #SM1Handle (Black)

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The Speedlab Wheels custom Skidmark Skatemag #SM1Handle comes with the #SM1 iPHONE case & #SM1 235 degree lens.

From the Skidmark Skatemag site...

Where there is skateboarding, a fisheye lens is always present. The fisheye lens has been used for filming skateboarding for 20+ years. Nowadays, almost everyone has a smart phone in their pocket to shoot on demand and post straight to social media. This is The Ultimate POV Lens.

SM1 iPhone case

The SM1 is both a protective case for your phone and comes with a 235 degree fisheye detachable lens. The case is lightweight, sleek, and low profile. The case is made from high quality aluminum alloy, tightly sealed with a rubber gasket and screwed together to ensure that your phone is protected. The lens is attached by screwing it directly onto the SM1 case, which is threaded with the most common M17 thread size, making the SM1 case compatible with most phone lenses on the market right now. You have a useful camera in your pocket... use it to the best of its ability and protect it at the same time.

How the #SM1Handle is made

Using a CNC Plasma Cutter, the #SM1Handle "patent pending" is cut out of a flat 4' foot x 8' foot 10 gauge steel plate for the handle and 16 gauge steel plate for the cage. The steel is then bent and welded into a protective cage for your desired iPhone mode. The protective cage is then welded onto the arm creating the #SM1Handle. The #SM1Handle is weighed correctly towards the back, making the camera's lens point up at a slight 165° angle. This angle can be changed, see "Best Practices" below.  The steel cage protects your phone on four sides. The front part of the cage as known as the shield, takes the brute force of the impacts from skateboards and has a 1/8" inch thick Shock Absorbent open cell rubber lining between the inside of the shield and your smart phone. The square cut out on the bottom of the shield is to expose your camera's lens and the #SM1Case M17 threads. Your phone is held securely in the cage when you screw your lens into your cases M17 threads. This pulls your phone in securely towards the shock absorbent foam rubber lining. The two sides and bottom of the cage wrap around the corners of your phone, yet leaving the back of the cage open for full access to your smart phones's touch screen and record buttons. Your headphone jack, and usb charger ports are also open for use while your phone is in the #SM1Handle. The #SM1Handle has feet making it sit perfectly flat on the ground when not in use or for getting those steady long shots. Also we added a bottle opener to the back ; ) The #SM1Handle gives you a steady shot, full access and is highest protection for your phone.

Best practices for using the #SM1Handle while filming.

The #SM1Handle works and feels best by slightly relaxing your grip and letting the handle hang heavy on your back fingers as designed. This will allow the #SM1Handle to point slightly up at a 165°. You can change the angle by slightly relaxing your grip letting the #SM1Handle hang more on your back fingers for a greater angle up or tightening your grip for less of a angle pointing up. If you have any questions email sm1@skidmarkskatemag.com

The #SM1Handle is truly a "Product of Skateboarding."  Be sure to tag your videos with #SM1lens

Video showing you how to install the case on your phone.

Video showing you how to install the #SM1 case in the #SM1Handle

#SM1Handle Color: Black

(1 - #SM1Handle, 1 - #SM1 iPHONE case & 1 - #SM1 235 degree lens)

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