Artist Series 'Natty' 61mm/99A

$24.00 $33.00

*Limited Edition*

Everyone seems to do an artist series line of decks but when was the last time, if ever, that there was an Artist Series for wheels? 

This is the 5th graphic of our series and we figured it was time for our furry four-legged duro tester Natty to get her very own wheel to test.  Inspired by a photo Mrs. Speedlab took of Natty, artist Brandon Marsh converted the image into this killer graphic for the 'Natty' wheel.  Natty is beyond stoked and since she was a rescue animal, we feel it is appropriate that 10% of all proceeds of the sale of this wheel will be donated to the ASPCA.  These wheels have a classic profile, made with the best formulas in the world and perform just as good as they look.  Artwork by Brandon Marsh.  If you want to keep up on Natty's adventures, please give her a follow on Instagram @speedlabnatty

Thanks for your support!

Contact patch - 28mm

Color: White

(Set of 4)

Made in the U.S.A.

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